• Customer Service and Communications


    Your role will be a hybrid one - part Customer Service and part Communications Associate which caters to users on both a personal level and in a broader, more public sense i.e. on Social Media. 

    You will be communicating with people across all channels so you must love to phone and email, use chat messaging and go crazy on social media.

    People need to know we're available whenever they need us, so you'll be replying and interacting with users on Twitter and Facebook on a daily basis.

    Qualifications & Requirements:

    • Provide consistent, superior support to every customer by utilizing all available tools and resources (even if that 'tool' is the customer him/herself)
    • Manage and monitor fan interactions in a timely manner with an attitude that's distinctively iflix. We want someone who's fun, someone who is a raconteur at heart - a person that can tell stories in a cool, iflix way
    • Demonstrate the desire and initiative to continue learning new and relevant product and technical information as iflix evolves into a force to be reckoned with.
    • Demonstrate flawless communication skills be it verbal, and most importantly... WRITTEN. We're looking for someone who can interact with users and tend to their every query and demand.
    • Happy to work weekends and evenings.

    Email your resume to hr@staffingsuccess-thailand.com