• Software Engineer – Front-End (HTML/CSS) / Back-End (Java)


    Design, develop, and support multi-tiered, highly-scalable applications and systems using many different technologies in large-scale, complex distributed environments of Ookbee Comics.

    Explore challenging new areas and build high-quality software solutions for Ookbee Comics.

    Work closely with other software development project manager, engineers and designers to develop top-quality products that solve actual business and technology problems

    Have a relentless focus on scalability, latency, performance, robustness, and cost trade-offs – especially those present in highly virtualized, elastic, cloud-based environments

    Qualifications & Requirements:

    Bachelor’s Degrees/ Master’s Degrees in Computer Science, Engineering, or related fields

    Have English proficiency.

    Minimum of 3 years' experience in software development

    You must be an expert

              in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Java  (front-end )

              in Java, Spring Framework and Hibernate (back-end )

    Experience in Linux

    Experience in SQL and relational database design

    Experience in   Web service, Ajax,Web frameworks

    Ability to produce bullet-proof code that is fault-tolerant, efficient, and maintainable

    Ability to multi-task, quickly adapt to new development environments, learn new systems, create reliable/maintainable code, and find creative and scalablesolutions to difficult problems

    Self-starters that are motivated to work independently or in small teams

    Comfortable operating in a fast-paced startup environment

    Experience with Agile, SCRUM, and lean software development will be a plus

    Be a full stack developer is a good plus.

    Dream to be a part of community building team.

    Know what Ookbee Comics is.

    Reading comics as a hobby will be a plus.

    Email your resume to hr@staffingsuccess-thailand.com